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Christiane Von Trapp Collaboration


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Heirlooms are honoured to collaborate with the renowned porcelain painted Christiane Von Trapp in creating a selection of bespoke linens to compliment her range of hand painted porcelain.

 Christiane lives with her husband Count Gaudenz Von Trapp a descendant of the Austrian aristocratic family, in the impressive 12th Century castle Friedberg Atelier, nestled in the heart of the Alps on what is called “Peace Mountain”. It is here she finds the inspiration to paint dreams into porcelain. She has a wealth of stories and inspiration and has worked with an eclectic range of private clients across the globe creating very personalised pieces of ceramics whether for everyday use or as future family heirlooms.

 Of course, the name “Von Trapp” is instantly recognised by many having been immortalised in one of the best loved musical of all time, “The Sound of Music”.

 Christiane’s collection is somewhat avant-garde created with German precision, the eye of an artist and her unique playfulness to span the bridge between traditional and modern language, she creates her bespoke hand painted porcelain with an abundance of passion and love. Combining the finesse of the nobility, the freshness of Friedberg castle and its surrounding nature, family history with exotic colours and patterns.

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 With a long-standing relationship with the renowned Germany porcelain company Reichenbach, Christiane invests her time and energy in delivering new designs with the grace and beauty of unique timeless pieces that are far removed from the mass market products. Personalising her work, she incorporates the traditional and classic whilst trying to stretch to the modern bridge in-between.

 Her great interest in design and interior décor has made her a welcome regular at international shows such as “Maison & Objet”, “Salone del Mobile and Ambiente”.

 Christiane has collaborated with the Swarovski family to incorporate engraving crystal into her porcelain design “Starflowers” set with Swarovski crystals which she produced exclusively for their castle.


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