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Creating a Calming Space


The Wonder of the Right Colours in Your Home


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Are you part of the over 70% of people experiencing extreme stress in their daily lives? Unfortunately, this can even impact the quality of the sleep you get each night.

While ‘stress’ is a buzzword many talk about these days, not everyone realises how a lack of sleep can deeply impact one’s quality of life. Until it’s too late. And it’s unfortunate that many of these sufferers don’t realise there’s something you can do about it..Instead of feeling at the mercy of anxiety and even insomnia, there’s a lot you can put in place to experience more calm and improve sleeping patterns. In some cases it can be as simple as transforming the colour palette in your home or changing your bed linen.

What do YOU need? Let’s empower you towards informed choices for a better quality of life.

How Does Colour Affect Us?


The study of how colours affect people forms part of environmental psychology. The focus here is to discover how what we perceive with our eyes have an effect on what’s going on inside our minds. This includes colour.

Marmoris CollectionSocieties have used colour for different purposes for centuries. In ancient times the practice of chromotherapy was believed to help people heal. For example, yellow was thought to help with purification of the body, while red stimulated the mind and body. In modern times, the specific study of the topic has only been around since the 1960s. Now, although studies are ongoing, experts know that different colours can influence people in different ways.

Colours around us can impact the following:

- Our emotions - How we feel about a relationship with someone or how we perceive that relationship - Our memories, such as whether a certain scenario is remembered in a positive or negative way - Your level of energy    

In part, the power of colour is also thanks to the speed with which we process visual impulses. Information we gather from an image will travel and be captured and stored much more efficiently than reading some text. So, reading about calming down may not be as effective as simply experiencing the right kind of visual impulses.

Colours that Calm


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Now, if colour can affect your emotions, can it help you manage your stress levels?

It’s important to remember that viewing colour will always be a bit subjective, so you may have unique associations with certain colours. Still, in general, the following colours have the potential to impact you in a positive way if you’re feeling frantic:

- Green, thanks to its association with nature - Mauve and pink, which some experts believe can soothe energies - A bright white (not dull), which represents clarity - Various shades of blue, though soft, neutral hues are best - The neutrality of grey can be calming, rather than depressing as some may think - Tan is a neutral hue that carries a sense of warmth, which can make you feel more comfortable and at home

How to Use Colour in Your Home


Now, how do you use the power of colour in your life? A simple way is to incorporate more of it in the spaces you frequent. This can be your office, but especially your home where you need to unwind after a long, busy day. Being surrounded by the right colours as you move from room to room will stimulate you in the appropriate way. So, look for ways to use it in the way you decorate your home.

Pick the Right Colour Palette


Knowing that colours impact your mindset doesn’t mean you have to paint your entire house blue or green. Start by determining which colours have a calming effect on YOU. Remember, all people are unique and will respond differently to a certain hue.

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Build a colour palette for rooms in the house by matching colours that fit well together. Having this sense of order can also help calm someone entering a room. Rather than being unsettled because of a colour scheme that is experienced as disjointed or seeing brightly coloured decor items that seem out of place on a neutral background, the right mix of colours can work wonders.

As listed above, with multiple colours having a positive impact on a stressed mind, you can find a theme for each room in the house. From the bathroom to your bedroom and kitchen, each space can help you experience a sense of calm.

Small Changes - Huge Impact


Upgrading your home this way also doesn’t have to be a complicated or expensive process. If you’re not up to painting walls and ceilings, simply invest in the right coloured linen, pillows and other accessories that are visible throughout the house.

Imagine having table linen that calms you when you’re sitting down with your family. What about sleeping under sheets that not only provide optimal comfort but help your mind settle down so you can enjoy more restful sleep!

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Ready to Make a Positive Change?


Can it be this simple? Can you get a few hours more sleep and feel more rested - and less stressed - than you have for the past few months?

Yes! Using colour could make a bigger difference than you expect!

Understanding how apparent small details like colour can impact our minds, is empowering. Implement this to create living environments more conducive to a calmer lifestyle, so your lounge or bedroom can help you experience wellbeing you’ve only dreamt of.

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