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Great British Brands 2022


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“Quintessentially British, sumptuous linens of exceptional quality.”

Country & Town House have once again produced a fantastic and dynamic editorial for 2022 that emphasises the need to make changes within the luxury industry through positive and innovative ways. This edition is named 'We Can Be Heroes' as the British brands showcase within have been pushing their boundaries to overcome the increasingly uncertain and challenging global situation.

It's an honour for Heirlooms to join the many heroic innovators of this edition as we are also committed to the ever growing responsibilities to protect our fragile planet. You can read some incredible and eye opening editorials about a rental revolution, diversity within the luxury industry, giving nature a seat at the table, the future of AI, solutions for future-proof lives and London as a co-dependent city.

We are so thrilled to once again be showcasing the wonderful team at Heirlooms and the products that they create. The skills and meticulous attention to detail they share is the heart of the business and you can read about how we have been supporting the community throughout the year and the journey to innovate our client’s wellbeing through sleep. It is also fabulous to see friends and clients of Heirlooms also proudly displayed in the book.

You can find us on page 254 where we are featuring our sumptuous Eden bed linen, inspired by the beautiful winding leaves of the English countryside.

You can read our entry here.



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