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Great British Brands 2023


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“Design-led manufacturer of bespoke linens providing turnkey solutions.”

Along with 150 of the country’s finest brands, we are once again featured in the dynamic and through provoking Country & Town House’s Great British Brands publication. This edition is named 'Brave New World'. Editor, Charlotte, comments on how the start if 2023 is the year to welcome in a brave new world. This publication has a format change for this years as brands were spoken to face to face about the formidable challenges we have surmounted during 2022. British brands discuss their current situations from supply chain issues to pricing and staffing and how we have rallied and triumphed.

A very poignant digital image on their cover shows King Charles III as a glossy marble bust as we enter a 'Brave New World' after 2022 brought the tragic death of Queen Elizabeth II. King Charles III is one of the first monarchs in the digital age and CTH wonder how he will navigate such a momentous time. Despite the difficulties, there remains cause for optimism as we as brands discuss our insights on how we are overcoming current challenges and how we are looking to further develop our brands for a greener, fairer and more balanced world.

At Heirlooms we are proud of our product and proud to be a British manufacturer and it is the perfect publication to showcase our talents. You can find us on page 146 where we are featuring our sumptuous Notting Hill bed linen, Gatsby bed linen & towel range, and our striking Peaberry table linen.

You can read our entry here.



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