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HIA Decor Article 2021

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HIA is an Arabic monthly women's magazine. It focuses on news in regard to affluent women and businesswomen in the Arab world. We were pleased to be a part of their haute couture special report discussing the importance of bed linens and quality fabrics.

"I would however like to introduce you to three more recently established companies. All are family run and each has a passion for producing exquisite bed linens, as well as bathroom and table linens. Importantly all three companies also provide a selection of organic fabrics to choose from.

The first company is HEIRLOOMS Ltd. Established in 1984, Heirlooms is located in the beautiful countryside of West Sussex. The company's values of, quality, excellence, integrity, and service, as well as craftsmanship, resulted in their being awarded HM The Queen's Royal Warrant in 2005 and HRH The Prince of Wales' Royal Warrant in 2012.

The Managing Director, Ruth Douglas, explained that it was whilst working with the Prince of Wales' households, that the importance of sustainability came to the fore. This led to her sourcing fine organic fabrics which held the GOTS certification, and some 18 months ago to launching their first organic range of fine linens, clearly being ahead of the curve. Heirlooms organic fabrics can be embroidered with any of their designs, whether regal or delicate, and in any colourway from their extensive collection. If preferred, your own original design can be translated, or a new design developed by their design team.

I have put together a small selection of their designs which are both elegant and contemporary. The colourway I have chosen will not only look lovely and fresh in your house, it will also look wonderful on your yacht. This is just 'a small drop in the ocean' - I could not resist writing this - of what Heirlooms have to offer."

You can read the full article, here.

HIA Decor Article 2021


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