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Keep Cool This Summer


How Bed Linen Determines Quality of Sleep

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The coming summer season is here with the promise of more days spent outside and enjoying fresh air and sun. Unfortunately, once the sun sets, you may face a challenge that’s more common than you think:

Are you also battling to get enough sleep on hot summer nights?

Luckily there are easy remedies for this! But we advise you not to ignore the problem too long. Fewer hours of quality sleep can start affecting your health, so use our guidelines to solve the problem with something as simple as the correct bedding.


Why is Quality Sleep Important?

It’s been proven that the amount and quality of sleep plays an integral role in a person’s health. Lack of sleep or broken sleep can affect a person’s mood and even the body’s ability to heal. You may also find yourself struggling to focus at work or feeling more anxious than usual.

This proves the importance of doing all you can to get maximum hours of proper sleep.

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How Does Temperature Affect Sleep?

Unfortunately, feeling tired doesn’t guarantee you’ll go to bed and enjoy a solid stint of rest. If you feel uncomfortable you’re likely to wake multiple times during the night or struggle to fall asleep. And temperature plays a huge role in determining comfort.

[caption id="attachment_11768" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Keep Cool This Summer - How Bed Linen Determines Quality of Sleep 4 Discover how our bespoke bed linens can create your perfect sleep.[/caption]

The ideal temperature for sleep, according to experts, is around 16℃ to 18℃. Of course, many countries see much higher temperatures than this in summer - even at night - and once temps reach 24℃ or more, it’s simply too hot for most people’s comfort. Along with a stuffy room, this creates undesirable sleeping environments. You may feel hot and even sweaty, instead of relaxed, so you can’t get a good night’s rest.


The Relationship Between Your Bed Linen and Sleep Quality

You may not be able to control room temperature easily, but it’s not the only factor that determines your comfort in bed. You’ll be surprised how much bed linen affects how you experience the higher temperatures.

For example, the type of fabric determines whether it’s insulating or cooling. You don’t want to trap the heat next to your body, which is often the case with synthetic fibres. A more breathable sheet or duvet with natural fibres will allow your body to better regulate temperature.

Some fabrics also have the ability to wick away moisture. This is good news for those who easily sweat in warm environments. Instead of feeling clammy all night, moisture transfers from your skin to the fabric which dries easily, keeping you more comfortable throughout the night.

See how your bed determines how rested you feel in the morning?

[caption id="attachment_4231" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Discover the wonderful temperature regulating properties of our Micromodal bed linen, made from 100% natural beech fibres.[/caption]

5 Tips on Making Bed Linen Work for You This Summer

1. Remember to Change Linen According to Seasons

You may have found the perfect winter bedding that creates a warm, cosy room but don’t think you can continue using it when summer comes along. Flannel sheets or a weighty duvet - even if it’s of good quality - will simply be too uncomfortable in warmer climates. The ideal bed set for winter is not the set you’ll need during summer.

Some may not realise the impact of bed linen and simply open a window or turn on the air conditioning. But if your linen doesn’t suit the season your sleep cycle will still suffer.

2. Summer Bed Linen is a Smart Investment

Shopping for your new summer linens, you need to look at labels and descriptions carefully. A synthetic fibre may be more affordable, but rather buy one set of quality cotton sheets than multiple synthetic items that won’t provide sufficient comfort.

By buying quality cotton you’re making a long-term investment because they’re likely to last you a few years. Added to this, you’re helping yourself feel better during the day by ensuring good rest at night. You’ll have more energy and concentration, so indirectly, by simply buying linen, you’re making an investment in your quality of life.

3. Pick Fabric that Ensures Comfort

Apart from picking natural fibres it’s worth purchasing from vendors that add comfort features to bed linen. For example, a sateen finish that is soft and plush will add to the comfort you feel when getting into bed. Putting you in a good mood instantly, it will help you relax and sleep better.

4. Use Quality Window Treatments for Sufficient Rest During Short Summer Nights

An added challenge during summer months is that the nights are shorter. In some places it can be light outside until 10 at night and the sun may come up as early as 4am in the morning. This is a problem if the light wakes you and results in a shorter sleep session.

One solution is getting blackout curtains but even just making the most of those dark hours can already help. Even for this bed linen can help! If you’ve ever slid your legs under an Egyptian cotton bed sheet, you’ll know how calming it can be. The sooner you relax - instead of still feeling hot and irritable after a long day - the sooner you’ll fall asleep.

5. Shop Bed Linen According to Personal Needs

Never assume that any set of summer bed linen will suffice for YOU. You may have unique needs that require a specific fabric. For example, not everyone is prone to night sweats but if this is your challenge, make sure your bed linen can wick away moisture. For others the key to comfort may be the weight of the duvet or using cotton that’s kinder to sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions.

Make your list of priorities and use it to shop for bedding before summer hits.

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Heirlooms’ Solution for the Season

At Heirlooms we are passionate about creating durable linens of lasting beauty. But each product must also be functional and beneficial.

For our bed linen range we create items that will help create an environment which is optimal for sleep. For summer use that means your linen must ensure cool comfort. This is why we’re so proud of Heirlooms’ range of luxury crisp and cool bed linens that promote unique temperature regulating qualities.

Heirlooms’ wide range caters for all different needs in terms of bedroom linen. Whether it’s a summer or winter set you need, talk to our team to identify the best options for your specific needs.

In Conclusion

Rest determines quality of life and it is clear bed linen plays a more important role in the ability to sleep properly than most people realise. Your summer bedding affects your overall health, so preparing well for the coming season is vital.

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