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Podcast: The Boat Princess on Luxury Linens


Unveiling Elegance: Discover The Boat Princess Podcast on Yacht-Grade Luxury Bed Linen



With this summer being slightly put on hold in the UK, Heirlooms have still been super busy with video projects, planning our upcoming trade shows, and designing a new range of linens with an upcoming collaboration which we are itching to release.

In case you missed our social posts last month, the enigmatic Nicky Vaux, famously known as The Boat Princess released a very informative podcast about us.

In this captivating episode, The Boat Princess, renowned for her discerning taste and expertise in yachting luxury, unveils the secrets behind selecting the finest bed linen for your cherished yacht. We discuss all, from the rich textures that caress your skin to the meticulous craftsmanship that ensures an impeccable night's rest.


Episode Highlights:

Navigating the Seas of Luxury: Discover the artistry that goes into curating bed linen collections that embody the sophistication and grandeur of the yacht lifestyle.

The Touch of Opulence: Immerse yourself in the realm of cotton and exquisite thread counts that redefine comfort and luxury at sea.

A Dreamy Voyage: Learn how thoughtful design and meticulous tailoring result in bed linen that perfectly fits the unique sleeping spaces aboard your yacht.

Tune in to the podcast on Spotify and let her sprinkle a bit of her magic on your yacht adventures. Don't forget to grab your favourite beverage, settle into your coziest spot, and sail through these tips and tricks at your own pace. Set your course for comfort, style, and a touch of maritime luxury – all thanks to The Boat Princess and her podcast debut.


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