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Royal Warrant Renewal 2015


Heirlooms Successfully Renew Their Royal Warrant To Her Majesty The Queen

Heirlooms Ltd, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of bespoke fine linens to marine, aviation and luxury residential, are delighted to have successfully renewed their Royal Warrant to her Majesty the Queen as manufacturer of Fine Linens.

Heirlooms were originally granted the Queen’s Royal Warrant in 2005, successfully renewing the warrant in 2010 and now again in 2015 for a further 5 years. In 2012 Heirlooms were also honoured with the Royal Warrant to the Prince of Wales.

A Royal Warrant of Appointment is a mark of recognition of those who have supplied goods or services to the Households of HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh or HRH The Prince of Wales for at least five years, and who have an ongoing trading arrangement.

The Monarch decides who may grant Royal Warrants and each application must demonstrate not only the company’s credentials of excellence in their trade but also ensuring they are proactive in terms of their environmental and social responsibility throughout the supply chain.

Today there are around 800 Royal Warrant holders representing a huge cross-section of trade and industry, from individual craftspeople to global multi-nationals. They are united by a commitment to the highest standards of service, quality and excellence.

Heirlooms Ltd supply table, bed and bathroom linens to several members of the British royal family and have been doing so since 1995.

General Manager Ruth Douglas said: “We were delighted to be notified by the Lord Chamberlain's Office that Heirlooms Ltd have successfully renewed the Queen’s Warrant.  It is the most prestigious of endorsements and is the ultimate confirmation of our quality and service.  As a company we are very proud to supply linens to many of the Royal Households and are delighted that our linens are part of royal housekeeping. There could be no greater honour or privilege.”

Founded in 1984 Heirlooms Ltd has evolved into one of the best linen manufacturers in the world, making for both the bespoke and readymade markets. Synonymous with the highest standards of quality, the company’s linens are to be found in many of the world’s finest superyachts, private homes and world-class hotels.

Heirlooms  holds a premier position within the industry and has a world renowned reputation for excellence, uncompromising attention to detail and exceptional  expertise in interpreting and supplying the needs of its customers, whether they be for basic linens, or those fit for a king or queen, as they often are. Each item is crafted and manufactured at its production facility in West Sussex where its accomplished embroiderers, designers and skilled machinists create linens of timeless elegance to complement even the most demanding of briefs on style and budget.

Heirlooms Ltd likes to exceed the expectations of clients who already have very high standards. Its consistently busy order book, and this latest honour, would suggest that it is succeeding.


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