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RWHA Sustainability Seminar 2023


“The time for talk is over. Now is the time for action.” Steve Malkin, Planet Mark


We were invited by the Royal Warrant Holder’s Association to their Sustainability Conference, co-hosting alongside Planet Mart and our experience was truly eye-opening and inspiring. From the moment we stepped into the Queen Elizabeth II Centre's conference room, it was clear that we were surrounded by individuals and companies deeply committed to driving positive change for our planet.



As a Royal Warrant holder, sustainability is a true cornerstone of our values and as Founder and CEO of Planet Mark, Steve Malkin, rightly said, “The time for talk is over, it’s now time for action.” The range of topics covered in the conference was impressive, spanning from renewable energy innovations and eco-friendly technologies to discussions about ethical business practices and community engagement.

Engaging presentations by renowned speakers, such as Tony Juniper MBE, Natural England, provided us with fresh perspectives on the pressing environmental challenges we face and the innovative solutions that are already making a difference. We especially enjoyed his speech about “Nature Positivity”, and how he explained how the ultimate misconception is choosing economic growth over the environment. The reality is that the cheapest thing we can do is invest in saving nature’s own carbon stores and restore habitats on a large scale, also known as “Nature Recovery Network”. We highly recommend reading more about his work online.


“1% of optimism goes a long way.” - Tony Juniper, Natural England


As we left the conference, we carried with us a renewed sense of purpose and a wealth of knowledge that will undoubtedly influence our approach towards sustainability within our company.



Heirlooms have proudly worked with Planet Mark for several years now to ensure we are taking the correct steps on our Net Zero journey. This means we are committed to neutralising our company’s carbon output each year. And as a Royal Warrant holding company, sustainability and a mindful approach has been a cornerstone of our values for decades.


You can read more about Planet Mark's incredible work, here.



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