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Superyacht UK Tour of Excellence


After a successful 3 days at the London Yacht, Jet and Prestige Car Show, it was time for Heirlooms to swiftly move on to the Superyacht UK Tour of Excellence.

The Tour of Excellence was a 5 day tour of yards, companies and 2 show cases evenings for an invited group of international delegates to show the capabilities of the British Superyacht industry.

General Manager Ruth Douglas was invited to attend the delegate’s dinner on the Tuesday evening on board the HMS Victory in Portsmouth.

As a committee member for SYUK, Heirlooms were honoured to be part of a select group to attend the delegate’s dinner on the historical HMS Victory, the flag ship of the first sea lord which was launched in 1765. Whilst dining in the gun room, Captain Rod Strathern, the current Commanding Officer gave us all a brief history of what life would have been like on board and an enthusiastic summary of the battle of Trafalgar. The delegates all thoroughly enjoyed the evening which also set the tone for the quality and enthusiasm of the week’s activities.

On the Wednesday evening Heirlooms headed to Southampton for the showcases evening held at the Macdonald Botley Park Hotel.

Along with 25 member companies, Heirlooms set up a display area and were able to meet with the delegates to introduce our company and products and discuss their current project requirements.

The evening proved to be not only a wonderful opportunity to interact with the delegates but also a great opportunity to also meet other SYUK Member companies who attended the event.

The delegates visited over 12 companies during the tour and met with more than 50 companies in the showcase evenings.

Here are a few of their comments:

"It was a good tour and most definitely worthwhile." 

"I found the tour extremely informative and beneficial." 

"The Tour was exceptionally well organized. The guys at Superyacht UK have done truly an amazing job to make all that happening!" 

"The tour itself was very interesting and the information provided by the companies we visited very useful indeed." 

"Yes the week was packed but we certainly got a lot of info in the time available." 

"It was an excellent tour even if it was a packed schedule as you say. I was particularly impressed with the facilities available around the Solent and for the enthusiasm of the local work forces we met – it certainly felt like a very dynamic environment and I would feel much more confident recommending any of the companies and facilities we visited than I would have done previously." 

Heirlooms Look forward to taking part in future tours and welcoming delegates to our own manufacturing facilities so they can see first-hand how we create our beautiful linens.


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