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Top tips to tablescape for 'The Big Jubilee Lunch'


Top tips to tablescape for 'The Big Jubilee Lunch'


Certainly, in our lifetime we won’t experience another Platinum Jubilee so celebrating this historical moment is a huge honour to be a part of. The Queen is the first British Monarch in history to celebrate 70 years on the throne – so let’s celebrate big with her!

The official day for the celebration is Sunday 5th June, where Britain will host thousands of street parties filled with glorious food, beautiful bunting and plenty of cheer. Classic favourites will make an appearance – Victoria sponge, Coronation chicken sandwiches and a very British glass of Pimms. Let's not forget a huge congratulations to Jemma and her winning Lemon Swiss Roll and Ameretti Trifle for the Platinum Pudding competition which I'm sure we will be seeing plenty of on our tables!

To help you get into the patriotic spirit, this guide will give you top tips from the industry’s leading interior designers to help you dress your table for the Big Jubilee Lunch.

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What is tablescaping?

Tablescaping is the art of dressing your table to a particular theme for an all-round sensory experience. Whether you’re sharing a relaxing time with friends, sitting down with the family or celebrating an occasion it's exciting to give your table the extra wow factor.

Top tips to tablescape for 'The Big Jubilee Lunch' 6

Start with the basics to achieve a good foundation to layer up on.

First of all, there are no rules and it’s important to remember that it’s all about having fun and expressing your creativity.

Sarah at Studio Noam says, "My top tip is that preparation is key, you don't want to be cooking and serving drinks all day. I think a fabulous party is one where everybody is having a good time. Pre-prepare some simple food and set aside drinks people can serve themselves in the shade. When there is nowhere to rest your food and beverages you see more on the floor! Use whatever you can find in the house, garden or garage that can work as a little side table or stool/chair. The moment people start using it - the party begins! Bins are ugly but litter on the floor is worse, put some out to save the clearing up time and the environment."

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Once you have your tables and chairs ready it's time to start thinking about the overall theme you want to achieve. Jenny at Hill House Interiors says, “The colour palette is key. Introduce the patriotic red, white, and blue into your palette – we would suggest a base of white in a beautiful tablecloth and bring elements of red and blue into the napkins, placemats and even the glassware. Alternatively, opt for a contemporary spin with the platinum colour scheme.”

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Don’t forget your essentials – what you need to enjoy your party food!

We’re talking essentials such as cutlery, plates, glasses and serving utensils. The design of your tableware can really make your table pop but plain white plates can be the perfect choice for a heavily patterned table cloth. Although, who can shy away from the exciting patterns and designs that many tableware comes in.

A great tip from Romany Headlam – “Don’t feel you have to be really formal; this is a party for all generations and so it’s lovely to mix China patterns for the serving dishes. Mix the glasses up with different heights and have coloured tumblers for water, red or blue if possible, and roll and tie the napkins with red, white and blue ribbons for a patriotic looking touch.”

Whilst Kate and Jane at Gillian Weir also recommends choosingchampagne flutes in an accent colour of red or blue as an extra special touch.  Alternatively, for a more sophisticated option, go all out for platinum/silver toned decorations, keeping linens and tableware in classic white.”

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Jenny at Hill House Interiors adds, "Pretty place settings are often overlooked, but of great importance. Tableware is one of the most vital aspects of your table set up. It’s essential to consider not only what you and your guests will use to serve the food with, but also what they will eat and drink from. A brilliant way to perfect any design is by layering. Start with a smartly stitched table runner or tablecloth as your foundation and then layer with placemats, napkins and elegant napkin rings."

Along with the essential tableware, its important to also consider other items. Jiin at Finchatton says, “I would also add cloches. There is a lot of pollen out at the moment and it is my personal pet peeve to have to pick out bits from food! There are many beautiful cloches available for outdoor entertaining. I like the clear Victorian bell jar cloches.”

Add decorations to truly make your table pop.

Now is the exciting opportunity to create a truly unique table. There is an abundance of themed Jubilee kits you can find online filled with bunting, flags, napkin rings, confetti and place cards for you to personalise. To add your special unique style, Romany Headlam says, “go for several small and simple posies of pretty seasonal flowers in little glasses or even jars dotted down the table, this gives a more informal feel and looks so pretty. Decorate the table with little bowls of treats such as chocolates and home salted nuts.”

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Jenny at Hill House Interiors recommends, “A bold statement centrepiece will really get everyone talking whilst bringing candles into the table décor add ambience and a touch of majesty to the table. It’s also perfect for those lunches that are just so much fun they last long into the evening! Once you’ve decided on your palette and scheme, give your guests a taste of what’s to come by introducing aspects of the style into the invitations and posters.”

Hopefully the joy of being with your close ones brings you into the evenings. Whilst we're praying for fabulous weather, its not uncommon for Britain to have chillier evenings. Having throws in an easy reach distance will keep the evening more comfortable and stylish!

To be prepared for when it goes dark, Kate and Jane at Gillian Weir adds, “If you are planning to celebrate into the evening, the correct lighting can really add to the party atmosphere. Festoon lights can be hung in tree and fences, whilst LED lanterns and strings of fairy lights look great on the table.” 


Now it’s time to prepare your items for the most celebrated lunch this year!

Hopefully from this article, you will now have the confidence to pull together a beautifully designed table. It’s a great opportunity to collaborate with family, friends and neighbours for an unforgettable experience. As a final fantastic tip from Jenny at Hill House Interiors - "Introducing a game can be a fabulous icebreaker, perfect for getting new neighbours to become long-standing friends!"

We would love to see the results of your creation. Upload an image on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag us along with the hash tag #trulyheirlooms. And finally from Sarah at Studio Noam, "To me, the jubilee celebrations should celebrate community, family and our country (as well as Queeny of course). Bring out whatever you have that could work and don’t worry so much about what it looks like, a party with happy people who are comfortable, well fed and free flowing is the most stylish in my opinion.”

Have fun and enjoy the party!

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Heirlooms would like to thank (in alphabetical order) Jenny at Hill House Interiors, Jiin at Finchatton, Kate and Jane at Gillian Weir, Sarah at Studio Noam and Romany at Romany Headlam for sharing their expertise and top tips for a fantastic Jubilee weekend.  We hope you all have a fabulous celebration. 

Best wishes to you all x



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