We are dedicated to crafting exquisite linens of the highest quality while prioritising sustainability and ethical practices. We believe that luxury should not come at the cost of the planet and our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our business, from sourcing materials to our production processes, and to packaging.


Our promise to the planet

Since 2010, we have worked closely with the Royal Warrant Holders Association and Business in the Community to measure and record our environmental impact. This ensures positive changes throughout our supply chain and to develop sustainable sourcing and working practises within the company.

In 2020, Heirlooms joined Planet Mark as a vehicle through which we could record our carbon footprint and make positive improvements. Planet Mark has provided us with excellent care and attention to help us achieve our goals. We are beyond proud to recognise a 17.8% carbon reduction for employee from last years' figures. You can download our latest certificate, here


Working together for a sustainable future

We’re working to build a better future, and are improving our processes for the good of our consumers, our communities and the wider environment. We carefully consider the environmental performances of the companies in our supply chain, giving preference to suppliers and products with the least environmental impact. 

By undertaking yearly visits to our key suppliers, we can view their manufacturing operations and work with our suppliers to ensure their traceability for all sourced materials used in their products i.e. cotton, down, wool, cashmere is accountable. Together, we work towards achieving agreed goals of social and environmental responsibility.

We are hugely encouraged with how many of our suppliers have engaged with the BITC information we share and have been adopting many of the recommendations as part of their own improvements in their businesses in the quest to minimise our impact.


The production of our cotton

Working with our Italian weave mills, water is sourced from local wells for fabric finishing. This water is filtered and softened in-house which reduces the impact of the public water system and has a lower environmental impact. Any chemicals used are in adherence with REACH and manufacturing is certified OEKO-Tex using eco-friendly processes.

A number of fabrics are manufactured using the ‘Superior’ process to ensure any impurities are removed from the cotton yarn. Fabrics are then woven from these contamination free cotton yarns in a unique process using Air Jet Technology. Air Jet Technology has replaced the traditional mechanical technique of insertion of the weft using air instead of pliers thereby it reduces stress on the yarn. The result is a softer and more resilient fabric over time in a much more efficient way. The latest generation of air jet looms, have a much lower energy consumption compared to mechanical looms, significantly reducing the environmental impact.


Sumptuously soft and sustainable linens

One of our favourite fabrics is Micromodal, a wonderfully silky raw material made of renewable grown beechwood trees. Beech trees are very special and are the most versatile type of wood around. They multiply by “rejuvenation” which means that the trees propagate by themselves. No artificial irrigation or planting is required. Beechwood forests are a completely natural and sustainable source of raw material - pure, natural and CO2 neutral. 


No effort is too small

Each piece is made to order, minimising surplus stock and fabric waste. We avoid the fast fashion pandemic and instead create timeless pieces that resonate with their owners for years to come.  

Our continued dedication includes local initiatives, such as adopting a bee hive to support local biodiversity. We are also involved with local schools, colleges and universities offering work experience, paid placements and apprenticeships to up-skill our local community and share with them our passion for restoring the environment.


Fit for royalty

Following the coronation of King Charles III, Heirlooms are honoured to be invited to renew His warrant as it has now changed. We will, therefore, be the only bed linen company with the King of England’s royal seal of approval, bestowing the highest achievement for us as a linen manufacturer.

We are especially honoured to be King Charles III linen supplier for he is known for his monumental efforts and support of ethical practices and sustainable mindset.

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