Ladder Lace Duvet Cover

£243 - £654


Lace, in all its various intricate designs, was the most popular bed linen style with our customers when Heirlooms Linens began in 1984. As fashion and personal tastes have evolved, Ladder Lace now tops the trend.

At Heirlooms, we still continue to offer a large range of traditional or more contemporary lace designs so get in touch if you're looking for something a little different.

Heirlooms' lace made an appearance in the Downtown Abbey film, you can view the look on our Project Page.

Fabric: Essentials = 300tc 100% Pure Cotton Sateen Fine= 600tc 100% Pure Cotton Sateen

Colour: White with Ladder Lace in White

Photography Details: Shown here in our Essentials cotton sateen in White and Posillipo with Ladder Lace in White.

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